Put on your own mask first

Put on your own mask first

Many times in family, work, or life we have to lead others or care for others. You may recall in airline flights the attendants give you an important directive – to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. This also applies to your mindfulness practice. Start now to be willing to take of yourself first. Doing so will enable you to take care of others later. In today's unusual times, the idea of wearing masks takes on a different meaning--but the sentiment remains the same. Protect and love yourself and in so doing, you will naturally care for others. Because of the dynamic nature of life, situations will arise where you struggle for solution or results. Know that by staying grounded yourself you will feel less pushed around by what’s happening. By putting yourself first and breathing through it you can push the reset button and include yourself in becoming a better giver and receiver of love and care. #pecalvert #urbanshaman #selfcare #mindfulness


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