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Sneak peek: Read chapter 1 of Calvert's upcoming new book Mind Me! Simple mindfulness for everyone.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Hold your nose and put on your own mask first

Let go of negative thoughts. Many times in the home or workplace we have to lead family, friends, co-workers, or teams. While those relationships are important and your leadership of others likely feeds your soul and theirs, it is important to take care of yourself first.

You may recall on airline flights the attendants give you an important directive – to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. This also applies to your mindfulness practice. Start now to be willing to take of yourself first. Doing this will enable you to take care of others later.

Refuse to believe the stinky thoughts of anger, fear, and failure . . . just to name a few suggested by a rebellious mind. If your thoughts are especially dictatorial, then cut off their oxygen. Bring the wandering mind back to the present moment . . .“What a delicious cup of coffee,” “The sky is lovely,” “I love this song.” By staying grounded in the present, you will feel less pushed around by thoughts and the emotions they cause. Putting your attention on the present moment, breathing, and relaxing back to a better state of being presses the RESET button.

Because of the dynamic nature of life’s situations, we can struggle a bit for solutions or results. Start now to be willing to take care of yourself first. Not only will you feel more capable of handling life, you will be helping others as well. Cultivating your thoughts will mean that you become a better receiver of love and care.

Affirmation for today

Today, I will take care of myself first. I honor my own needs. I know that caring for myself frees me to be open to caring for others. I will spend a few minutes today doing nothing. I will bless myself and feel my spirit rise. I will think uplifting, motivating, and inspired thoughts today.

Mind Me! Simple Mindfulness for Everyone will be published in 2023 by IngramElliott Publishing.


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