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Keep Your Light Bright

All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.

-Samuel Butler

We are blessed to have a stunning amount of research to help with mindfulness, emotions, and happiness.

It's always up to us to look for the light.

Pursuing positivity is a major technique for feeling better. The positive energy of seeking the light squashes the vibes of fear, worry, and anger. In a world of great change, seeking a positive approach to balance our lives promotes stability in the storm. A sense of stability helps us feel serene, peaceful, and happy. This allows our imagination back into the room.

Our imagination designs a happy and hopeful life. Believing things can change fills our experience with exciting possibilities and hope. Turn the light up so you're able to see the positive clues in any situation.

Start by noticing your thoughts. One worthy effort is to seek the thoughts that make you feel proud of yourself - even if it's a small accomplishment. Look up and down and around and find things to put on your mental scoreboard. If you can't inspire yourself then look to others to be uplifted. The human race is kind, helpful, and inspiring. We just have to find the people around us that exhibit this behavior. Humanity is excellent most of the time.

If you remain stubborn about finding positivity in your life, then look to nature. Go outside. Even your own garden or a nearby park will do. If your thoughts still won't behave, visualize a place that you love - the mountains, the sea, and the desert can inspire anyone. By doing this, hopefully, you'll feel a surge of gratitude. Stay in the mode of thankfulness as long as you can.

As you become confident and diligent about finding beauty around you, your light will shine brighter. Life becomes about harnessing the ordinary, magical moments in a simple existence -watching a child eat ice cream, the hug of a loved one, a puppy's wagging tail. Positivity is the heartbeat of resilience, hope, and happiness in life.


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