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Give Freely With the Turtle

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

As we venture through life’s journey, we learn that life isn’t about getting more. It’s about giving more.

Giving comes in many different forms, and the effects can ripple through the relationships you have with family, friends, strangers, communities, and of course, yourself.

You can give time, money, and love. But you can also give your talent—sharing your writing with the world, encouraging others to practice mindfulness and meditation, helping empower those around you who have yet to harness their special gifts.

When you give generously, you greatly enrich your life.

When you come from a place of gratitude, you’ll realize that everything you have is enough.

Find the beauty, security, abundance, and fulfillment in charitable acts by following the gracious way of the turtle, also known as Kecan’Ma’.

The turtle understands that the laws of nature require sharing. Once the turtle goes into its shell, it is small, vulnerable, shut-off from the outside world. The same is true for you.

We all live on this planet together, so why not share? Why not give?

After you feel like you’ve given as much as you can, don’t hesitate to retreat, to withdraw, and to take care of yourself because you can’t give from an empty cup!

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