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With Unyielding Buffalo Faith, All Things Are Possible

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

To grasp the energy of Buffalo is to embrace faith. Faith in yourself, faith in the wonders of life, faith in spirit. Mother Earth and Father Sky surround you, demonstrating infallible faith and all that is sacred. To embody Buffalo is to revere the magic all around.

Buffalo understands that to become truly secure you must have faith in yourself. Trusting in your authentic self is to allow your most sacred self to step into the light. We fortify our safety when we amplify our spiritual, mental, and spiritual prowess as our true Buffalo nature.

Also known as Tatan’Ka, Buffalo is as mighty as he is humble and wise. Buffalo uses his thundering energy to charge to his goals.

Within his surroundings, Buffalo connects to white sage, sweet sage, and moss, so if you desire to call in Buffalo energy, employ these earthly elements.

If Buffalo has entered your world, know that you are surrounded by magic and spirit.


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