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Soar into Freedom with Eagle

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Eagle has long been a symbol of honor, freedom, and victory, yet it has a loving side as well. Eagle is generous and beloved creating space for others and seeing the joy in the moment.

To invite Eagle into your heart, connect with cedar, cottonwood, and pine to help call in gratitude, freedom, and beloved grace. Embrace a child’s point of view and know that you are free.

“Anunka’san” energy acknowledges personal worthiness with confidence instead of vanity. From Eagle’s eye, it gives thanks and sees gratitude in all things.

Eagle reminds you to hold steadfast in the face of temptation and that honor results in victory. Soar high above with courage, respect, and truth to find freedom in your vision.

If Eagle has flown into your cards today you are reminded to make sure you are not being judgmental of others or trying to control the outcome. Eagle reminds you that you can soar above judgment and embrace freedom not only for yourself but for others as well.


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