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Mole Reminds Us We Are All Related

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Relationships govern so much of our lives as we walk this earth with other beings. The mole teaches us that when we have learned about friendship, we have learned about Spirit.

How are the relationships in your life? Are you being a good friend? Do you need the support of a friend? Are you feeling disconnected from others? Are you pulling back?

“Mitakuye Oyasin” reminds us that we are all related, that we all go back to the same source. Mole reminds us to see other people as part of ourselves and to know that every relationship blesses us with a new world to explore.

Relationships teach us so much - about ourselves as much as others. Mole is blessed with nurturing Mother Earth which can be nourishing and loving. Allow your loyal friends to nourish you as you nourish them.

Mole pops up and seeks friendship and connection. We do not walk this journey alone. Take a look at the relationships in your life and see what needs tending.

If Mole has appeared to you today it may be a reminder to reconnect to your friends and pay attention to relationships. How are you showing up for the people in your life? Do you need a friend right now? Connect to Mole and see what message he has for you.


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