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Find Boundless Creativity With the Turtle

There was something about our childhood that allowed us to feel limitless. Perhaps it was the nurturing care from our parents or the carefree attitude we possessed when the entire world felt like it was at our fingertips.

But at some point during our journey, most of us lost that unbounded energy.

We spend so much of our lives waiting. We wait for the weekend, we wait for sunny weather, we wait for love, and we wait for inspiration. We wait for the magic in our lives to come to fruition. But it’s time we stop waiting and start manifesting.

Time evaporates initiative, and that’s why you must move sure and steady towards your vision like the turtle, also known as Kecan’Ma’.

Have you ever noticed that you can always make time for the things you have to do? So, why not start creating time for the miracles you deserve?

From your writing and meditation practice to mindfulness, the time is there for you. You have to learn to create with a pure heart so that you are open for all of the Universe’s miraculous deliveries.

Start moving at a slower pace, and learn to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Let your inhibitions go. It’s time to make time. You deserve it.


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