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For over thirty years, I’ve devoted my life to bringing the wisdom of Indigenous cultures to those living a modern urban life. I have studied alongside Shamans, self-healers, and mystics, learning their tools and techniques and adapting them, striving to become a true Urban Shaman.


As an author and producer, I infuse everything I do with passionate insight. I believe that incorporating these ancient practices into our daily routines can inspire a happy, balanced life. I'm a partner in award-winning IngramElliott Publishing, a published author, and writer/producer for film and television projects. 

Books & Videos

Medicine Hat Moments


Over the last 30 years, P.E. Calvert has proudly been involved in diverse groups of self-healers, shamans, and visionaries; exploring the art of spirituality and self-growth. The wisdom and tools of these magical practitioners helped inspire the idea for Medicine Hat Moments.


Medicine Hat Moments is a Native American-themed series of tools based on powerful animal spirits. These ancient tools can be used for conscious dreaming, daily reflections, problem-solving, and self-empowerment. Medicine Hat Moments succeeds in sharing profound teachings with a mass audience in a simplistic way by introducing animal spirits that have given many cultures ancient wisdom and strength. The “medicine” of the animal’s characteristics and their powerful spirits improves lives, generates new perceptions, and reveals ways to heal.


Learn more at

Pablo Prairie Dog and the WWCC Heroes


Some friends are big and strong….

Some are small, but, the only thing that really matters in life is being a good friend to all! 


When the World Wide Chess Championship comes to town, Pablo Prairie Dog Finally meets his hero. Disappointment follows when Pablo is cast aside because of his small size. Meet Pablo Prairie Dog and his soon to be friends – Bodacious Buffalo, Chili, Chatty Chick-Dog, Ellegirl, Rancorous Ram, and Malapert Mustang – through one-of-a-kind illustrations that will delight readers of all ages. This action-filled story will resonate with both sporty kids and brainiacs. With over 14 pages of colorful illustrations, the book features a cast of wild half-animal, half-human creatures with varied, colorful personalities and talents. Through his adventures with WWCC All Star team, Pablo discovers his own importance and learns that value is found in all of us, no matter our size or differences.


Available at  Barnes and Noble  Books-A-Million  and other retailers.

Teen Tone - Fun, Fit, Fabulous!


Teen Tone is a brand of fun fitness videos, books, and healthy living tools for kids and teens. Extreme Dance WorkoutTM, our exercise DVD, combines hot dance moves like hip hop and funky salsa with Extreme ToneTM, a fun mix of yoga and toning exercises. Created by fitness experts and pro-sports dancers, Teen Tone offers a customized workout.


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The Evolution of Consciousness


Calvert was filmed for PHI: The Evolution of Consciousness, an indie documentary in-progress that looks at the evolving human mind. It explores a brilliant array of perspectives on what could be next for Earth as we know it. The film was created and produced by Mark Hemstock, a Canadian Filmmaker from Vancouver, British Columbia and his film company, Hemstock Films.


Learn more and view the trailer at PHI Project.

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