Urban Shaman

For thirty years, P. E. Calvert has devoted her life to bringing the wisdom of Indigenous cultures to those struggling to cope with modern urban life. She has studied alongside Shamans, self-healers, and mystics learning their tools and techniques, and adapting them, making her a true Urban Shaman.

She believes that incorporating these ancient practices can help teach us to live simpler, happier lives. As a spiritual mentor, she leads workshops in meditation, automatic writing, past-life regression, soul retrieval, and Shamanism. She is the co-founder of Psychic Fascination Events, and has created a deck of Native American themed animal totem cards called Medicine Hat Moments.

If you’re looking to live a little more consciously, and find a connection to spirit, Urban Shamanism can bring that magic into your life. Contact P. E. Calvert now, and learn to look at life differently, making your spiritual well-being a priority.

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