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Trust In Your Journey With the Wolf

As we head into a new season, are you feeling motivated to reach new goals? There's a lot of pressure to start the new year as a new person, but transitions take time, and your determination should be rooted in your own thoughts, not what you think you should be doing.

Looking back over the past year, you might have felt overwhelmed. Where do you

begin? How do you create meaning when you can’t hone in on a central idea?

This time of year should bring feelings of joy and gratitude for a fresh start. A new year means a new direction, a new beginning, and new opportunities to build habits that strengthen your wellbeing and your spirituality.

But when you try to reach your goals by force rather than cooperation, you might realize that elevating to your full capabilities isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

As you gear up for a new journey, take a few lessons from the wolf, also known as

Sunka’ Nitu’ Tanka’. The wolf’s strength comes from its cooperation within the pack.

And whatever challenges the wolf may face, it learns to work with what it has. Because

we know, a lone-wolf is directionless without its pack.

Just like the wolf’s pack, your ideas are your foundation. You might not be happy with

what comes to mind first. You might be underwhelmed with the range of your ideas. And

you might even feel that your manifestations are completely inadequate compared to

what you want them to be. But, if you don’t learn to cooperate with yourself, you’ll never

find your strengths.

By sharpening your observation skills, you’ll start to achieve more with your meditation

practices and your relationships with those around you.

So, as you move in a new direction, don’t be afraid of where your ideas take you.

Brainstorming is an art, and you have to work on your craft every day. Don’t try and

control the ideas, boxing them into a category of “good” or “bad.” Let them pour onto the

page and continuously develop. After all, one idea always leads to another.


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