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Embrace the Winds of Change With the Snake

As a society, we’re conditioned to be fearful of change. Professionally, we’ll stay in positions

that don’t contribute to our wellness or happiness, leaving us drained and unmotivated to pursue the things we truly love. At home, simple things like buying different brands at the grocery store can send the entire house into upheaval.

We don’t embark on that adventure we’ve always dreamt of because new foods, sights, and smells are intimidating. We don’t leap at the opportunity to move across the country because we’re afraid of who we’ll be in a new environment.

For most of us, we always stick to what we know—not because it’s the best option, not because it’s what our heart desires, but because it’s what makes us feel the most comfortable.

In this season of renewal, try learning a few lessons from the snake, also known by its Lakota name, Zuze’ca. The snake does not fear change, because the snake could not survive without transformation.

Living in the desolate desert climate is arduous. But the snake knows that the only way to survive is to change its perspective. Its ability to shift and change shape is almost supernatural. But it’s this kind of commitment to change that allows the snake to eat and live to see another day.

By shedding its skin, the snake understands that change means growth. Peel back the layers of your own skin to understand the power in changing perspectives.

You don’t have to be afraid of change. Watch your strength ignite as you lean into all the seasons of life, no matter how transformative they may be.

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