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Stand Your Ground With The Commitment of Bear

As the sun starts to peek out from behind the dreary clouds of winter, our inner-selves begin to resurface as the season of awakening approaches. Instead of bundling up inside trying to escape the realities of the harsh, frigid weather, our bodies yearn for a new narrative, one where we no longer camouflage ourselves from the outside world.

During this season of resurgence, you might notice that you lack purpose. Whether it’s your writing, a new career path, or an old relationship, your intent helps guide you through the journey. And without it, you might succumb to a life you never intended on building.

Find your purpose, stand in your truth, and take a lesson from the bear, also known as Mato. The bear shows no mercy when pledging to its intent. When the bear reconnects with the world after hibernation, it is unwavering in its commitment to what it needs.

After months away from the outside world, the bear emerges stronger than ever. The bear warns us that breaking a promise isn’t just a mark of our character; it is a direct example of how much we care for ourselves. To the bear, there is no mercy when it comes to reaching its objective.

Like the bear, we can all learn to invest in ourselves. From putting money into the places that will help us in our work to the time we take to better our writing, having clear intent and commitment to one’s self is the highest honor of all.


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