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Seek Inner Beauty with Dragonfly

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

In our busy world, it’s easy to want to seek more, do more, and be more. But in the frantic motion of day-to-day tasks, sometimes, we lose track of our own beauty.

Are you eager to see the brilliance in all the details around you—no matter how big or small?

Do you need inspiration for your writing? Do you find yourself searching for beauty?

When you love, all things become beautiful! Why not view life through the eyes of the dragonfly, also known as Tusewe’ca?

The dragonfly knows to appreciate all that it is because beauty derives glory from itself. Take the dragonfly’s message with you through life and see where it takes you.

Focus on inner beauty and watch how beauty surrounds you wherever you go. Whether it’s petals of a rose or paragraphs in your writing, negativity fades color and drains the charm from life’s most rewarding moments.

It’s time to appreciate all that you are and know that the beauty you seek is already within you. How will you use the dragonfly’s message in your writing and meditation?


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