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Master Your Balancing Act with the Cougar

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Balance is not a destination. It can’t be reached, and it can’t be bought. In our hectic lives, we find ourselves searching for it—not understanding that we already have the scales, we just have to remember how to keep them aligned.

As you work to piece together your journey, I want you to have bravery in all of your endeavors, so you can find balance like the cougar, also known as Igmu’ Watogla.

What would happen if you yielded to life’s tides, unafraid of the future because you know you can stay steady no matter what life brings your way? You know how to recalibrate, refocus, and reimagine your place in the world so that you’re consciously creating a balanced life.

Balance isn’t always about the big decisions. It’s about the tiny details, the moments that you might view as insignificant.

The 30 minutes you allow yourself to work on your guided meditation each night isn’t of little importance. It’s essential. Taking the time to create a nurturing space where you can write and release your thoughts is valuable, and you should feel proud of your effort to craft a place where you can contribute to your balance.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you have it all together, and other times you won’t. That’s the beauty of life! But once you learn how to unlock the wonders in all of life’s moments, no matter how big or small, you’ll understand the way of the cougar and you’ll understand yourself. Nurturing a zest for life dissolves chaos and sponsors balance. Tap into your abilities; you deserve it!


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