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Hop Into Spontaneity With The Rabbit

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Are you one of those people who could follow your daily routine with your eyes closed? You wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, and watch the same shows when you get home. Everything is comfortable, and everything is fine. But what happens when a wrench gets thrown into your day?

For many people, a change in their carefully crafted routine can throw off their whole day. An unexpected accident on the freeway, or a lineup at the coffee shop can derail your sense of control and safety. If we’re not used to making changes, those unexpected roadblocks can cause fear and anxiety.

The Rabbit, also known by its Lakota name Mastin’ Sapa, is a master of spontaneity. Because it is always ready for new and unexpected things in its, it can change direction on a dime and continue on with its day.

Today, instead of getting upset or giving into fear when something doesn’t go according to plan, meditate on the rabbit. See the unexpected as an invitation to the spontaneous. If the traffic is backed up, try a new, scenic route. If your regular coffee shop is too busy, maybe you’ll find a new favorite pastry at the one just down the block.

Inviting spontaneity into your life also invites growth. When we’re stuck in the same patterns day after day, we don’t experience new things that expand our horizons. By embracing spontaneity, we embrace the opportunity to learn something new, and tell the universe we are open to more adventure in our lives.

Yes, shaking up a routine is scary, but if you’re fleet of foot like the rabbit, you’ll find yourself abandoning fear in favor of new experiences. When you’re open to spontaneity, you’re open to life, and all the gifts it has to offer.


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