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Gallop Along Your Heart-Centered Path

As we travel through our life’s journey here on Earth, we can sometimes don blinders, not seeing the whole picture and forgetting our true purpose in this experience.

Spirit sends us messages to encourage us to see this world with our heart, and remain open to the love and beauty all around us. There are many paths we can choose in life, so Spirit sends us Horse to remind us to take the path with the most heart; to let the heart lead the way.

It’s easy to become caught up in what others expect from us and begin to make choices based on what we “should” do. Horse comes to inspire us to listen to our hearts and change how we see our choices in this world.

If Horse has galloped into your cards today, you are urged to seize the bliss of this present moment and appreciate all you have in your life at this time. Be grateful, see the love that is all around you.

Horse harbors no prejudice - not for people, things or situations - so embrace his prejudice-free perspective and extend love to all. Horse not only puts love first but also embraces others with empathy. “Put yourself in their shoes,” reminds Horse.

To call Horse into your life, pick up the Sweetgrass and add it to your meditation. Invite SUNKA’WAKAN to nuzzle you and fill your heart with love, empathy, bliss, and clarity. Ask Spirit to assist you in choosing a heart-centered path, one that is free of prejudice and soft with empathy.

For all his power, Horse gracefully moves through this lifetime with love, and he’s a sign we can do the same.


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