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Finding Freedom with Eagle

The human race has built technologies to help us do everything from traveling faster to living longer. But in many ways, we’re still governed by the same beliefs as our ancestors. While most modern cultures no longer make sacrifices to the gods in the hopes of ensuring a bountiful harvest or good weather, we have other ways of trying to find some control over the world around us.

Whether it’s dieting to control our shape, curating a specific image on social media, or reviewing every little mistake, we are constantly working to hold onto what we feel we can control in a chaotic world.

We can learn from Eagle, also known by its Lakota name Anunka’san, about letting go. With a destination in mind, Eagle travels on the wind rather than fighting against it. Eagle simply soars above the world, feeling freedom in detachment, but not disconnecting from spirit. Eagle trusts life to provide the map, and ultimately reaches the perfect destination.

Be like Eagle. Instead of micromanaging the world around you, learn to ride the waves that come and go in your life. Rise above the little frustrations and imperfections in your day. Soar above the things you can’t control. Choose what’s most important and let go of the rest.


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