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Find Your Inner Adventurer With The Raccoon

For most people in today’s society, life is anything but an adventure. You wake up, get ready, go to work, go home, eat dinner, go to bed, repeat. Chances are, even your job has become a repetitive routine. Long gone are the days of grand adventures and daring escapades.

When life gets repetitive, it’s easy to go on autopilot. Many of us could probably go through the motions of the day while sleeping with our eyes open. While it’s a way to get through the day, it’s not a way to live. What’s life without a little enthusiasm and excitement?

We can learn a lot from The Raccoon, also known by its Lakota name, Wici’ Teglega’. The racoon is always off on an adventure to find food, keep away from pet dogs, and figure out how to open the latest raccoon “proof” garbage cans. If he went on autopilot as he went about his evening, he’d miss out on the best things in life - and the best food. So, he dons his little adventurer’s mask, twiddles his opposable thumbs, and dashes off to see what the night has to offer him.

Be like the Raccoon. Instead of going through the motions of your life, treat it like an adventure. Open yourself up to the sights, smells, and sounds of your city, and you’ll be amazed at what adventures you’ll find. There’s always something happening in this world of ours, if we just awaken our sleeping selves long enough to notice it. Wake up, and find all the adventures your life has in store!

Life is an adventure, but only if you choose to let the world in. Open up. Find the enthusiasm for life. A rewarding future is waiting for you!


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