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Find Joy with Stillness of the Hummingbird

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Stillness is something we endlessly search for in our busy lives but rarely find. It’s easy to move fast, jumping from one task to another in the never-ending to-do list that is life. Work, friends, writing, family, school, we’re continuously moving our bodies, and our minds follow suit.

In our constant rush, we forget that we have the power to unlock the stillness that we so desperately crave. How do you find calmness in the commotion? Learn from the hummingbird, also known as Tana’gila.

The hummingbird’s gentle wings race, yet this creature has stability and grace because it knows that no matter how fast life moves, there’s always time to sit quietly and reconnect with all that brings joy.

Joy is more precious than gold. And once you understand how to tap into the banks of joy within you, you’ll see that everything else falls into place, and time slows down.

When you sit down to brainstorm, meditate, or journal, how do you feel? Are you rushed or still like the hummingbird? When you go outside, do you dash to your next destination or do you embrace the nature that surrounds you like the hummingbird?

Sometimes, life isn’t about the big moments that are busy, loud, or hurried. It’s about the small moments that are hushed, tranquil, and still.


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