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Embrace Your Own Pack With Wolf

In Lakota, the Wolf is known as SUNKA’ NITU’ TANKA’ and comes to us as a reminder to maintain our boundaries. Boundaries serve different purposes in our lives - some are necessary for preservation, while others keep us secure, and some allow us time to assess. Boundaries are important to the pack and respected. If you are working on setting and keeping your boundaries, consider including Slippery Elm in your rituals.

Wolf also represents cooperation as wolves travel, hunt, and exist within a sacred pact. If Wolf has come into your cards, remember there is strength in the pack’s cooperation and you are not alone in your quest. We obtain our goals through cooperation rather than by force. In addition, Wolf’s cooperation and keen observation skills ensure triumph with the pack. As you work to call in cooperation with others, add Dandelion into your rituals.

The discipline of Wolf serves as a reminder that undivided focus results in the success of the individual and the pack. To ensure survival, the Wolf instinctively knows that discipline is paramount and he ignores the cry of compulsion. If you are working on becoming more disciplined, add Wolfbane into your practice.

One of Wolf’s greatest gifts in life is self-acceptance. If you are walking alone, facing a challenge, summon Wolf’s supreme courage. His wisdom to trust your instincts leads to self-respect and genuine self-acceptance. Use Red Willow to support your journey and build your inner courage.

If Wolf has entered your life today, you are being called to take up those qualities that make the pack successful. The pack relies on strong pack members, each holding up their part in service to higher goals.


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