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Celebrate Every Detail With The Dragonfly

Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or even because you received that promotion at work, doesn’t it feel wonderful to celebrate? Our eyes light up, our hearts are full, and our minds are free. When we celebrate, it’s almost as if the entire world melts away for those moments of pure joy!

But instead of waiting for a special day, why don’t we create celebrations in every aspect of our lives?

The Dragonfly, also known as Tusewe’ca, celebrates life in every fleeting moment because the dragonfly understands that life itself is a cause for celebration. Dragonflies do not have Valentine’s Day or birthdays to show their enthusiasm for the things they love. Dragonflies embody that energy every time they soar through the air.

How would you glide through life if you allowed your spirit to attract that kind of passion?

How would your writing transform if you sat down and let the avidity consume your ideas?

Who would you be if you received constant vitality through your love for life?

You don’t have to wait until the next holiday for the answer. You can start making this gracious transformation right now. Like the dragonfly, you can be the celebration! Choose to celebrate the ones you love, today, and every day. Choose to love yourself.

Your enthusiasm comes from within. By falling in love with every detail of life, you’ll not only change your path, but your energetic spirit will affect everyone you reach.


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