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Bring the Flexibility of the Hummingbird to Your Life

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Our world is changing and, thanks to technology, it’s changing faster than ever before. While this can be a good thing, it means that we’re constantly inundated with a myriad of new information. In this time of information overload, we tend to look outside ourselves for solutions. We may micromanage our lives in an attempt to find order. We may alter our consciousness to find an escape and seek safety in routine, but it’s important to stay flexible.

The Hummingbird, also known by its Lakota name Tana ‘Gila, is a wondrous creature. Some might say it has an awkward body, but the Hummingbird flaps its’ wings about 80 times per second and can fly in any direction. Now that’s flexibility! The flexibility of the Hummingbird will help you move quickly through stagnation or chaos. By staying grounded in spirit through meditation, writing, exercise and daily practices, these strong roots will allow you to be a master of your movements.

Today, meditate on the Hummingbird, and how it masters its environment. These special creatures can hover by flapping their wings in a specific pattern. Their long, tapered bills allow them to reach even the most remote of flowers. So no matter how large the challenge in your life, with practice, you, too, can reach the nectar.

Sometimes in our own lives we can become either stagnated or overwhelmed by the information we receive on a daily basis; by the many items on our to-do list; or by the enormous stimulations of everyday life. We can see from the Hummingbird the key is to stay flexible, move up when it’s time, move down when it’s time, and even fly upside if we have to. Knowing when to be flexible can help you master your movements in any situation.

Learning to trust yourself takes time. In modern society, we’re taught in so many ways to ignore our body’s cues: we don’t eat when we’re hungry, we drink caffeine instead of resting, we sit through a work day when we want to move. While we can’t always follow our body’s cues in all situations, we can definitely start doing small things to be like the Hummingbird and become more flexible. Being flexible allows you to move quickly through stagnation, develop strong roots, and master your movements.


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