About P.E. Calvert


P. E. Calvert has devoted her life to bringing the wisdom of Indigenous cultures to those living a modern urban life. She has studied alongside Shamans, self- healers, and mystics learning their tools and techniques, making her an experienced Shaman.

Calvert believes that incorporating these ancient practices can inspire a happy, balanced life.

Calvert is a published author and writing consultant, infusing everything she produces with passionate insight. As a holistic practitioner and speaker, she leads workshops in guided meditation, automatic writing, past-life regression, soul retrieval, and Shamanism.

Calvert is currently a Vice President and Director of Business Development at
the award-winning publisher, IngramElliott. She co-created a deck of Native American themed animal totem cards called Medicine Hat Moments and is the co-founder of Psychic Fascination.

She co-authored children’s book series, Pablo Prairie Dog and WWCC Heroes, setting a foundation for kindness and friendship. Calvert has also produced and written multiple
projects for television and film.

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P.E. Calvert

Holistic Practitioner, Author, Urban Shaman